SCURVYVILLE is an on-going narrative painting series immersing visitors in the lives of the oddball residents of an eccentric fictional town. Piece by piece, the series walks viewers through a fly-on-the-wall tour of the town’s streets, alleyways and sordid hangouts, revealing the quirky inner lives of Scurvyville’s residents.


Marc Shank is a Kansas City-based artist whose work consists of large-scale acrylic and ink paintings as well as small portraits and silk-screen prints. His work has been showcased at various galleries throughout the Midwest including a one-man exhibition at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art in 2013. In 2012 his work received national attention on the MSN Travel Series Re:Discover and has been featured in a number of area publications including the Kansas City Star, Johnson County LifestyleThe Pitch and Ink Magazine.

In 2014, Shank signed a one-year deal with Andrews McMeel publishing to showcases Scurvyville online alongside well-known creative properties such as Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes and Peanuts with Scurvyville ranking as one of the top-three most popular posts on the site in its first week. The online series included the original Scurvyville gallery work as well as new sketches and concepts for upcoming pieces. The feature completed its run in June of 2015.